R5 + 2014 MDA Show of Strength Telethon (Arrival) - May 23
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R5 - Amped Up (x)

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Special tribute to all those players from Argentina! They made a lot of effort to get to the end, it did not work as expected but we’re in second place after 24 years! I am very proud to be Argentinian! 

Gracias Argentina, Gracias Selección! 

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Anonymous asked: Twentyone pilots??
  • am I a fan?: No, I just like their music really
  • favorite song: Holding On To you
  • favorite album: Regional at Best
  • favorite member: Tyler
  • seen live?: No
  • unpopular opinion: Idk, lol
  • band rate: 8/10
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Send me bands!!

am I a fan?:

favorite song:

favorite album:

favorite member:

seen live?:

unpopular opinion:

band rate:

Title: Things Are Looking Up
Artist: R5
Played: 12719 times

Title: Easy Love
Artist: R5
Played: 15709 times

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